Important things

In all EVS projects are 10 important things that are for everyone:

1. How much money you get for pocket money.

In Czech Republic EVS volunteer receive 95 euro per month for pocket money.

In other countries maybe it is more but for sure it will be somewhere around 100 euro per month.

2. Czech(foreign) lessons

I wrote czech because my EVS is in Czech Republic.

Important is that in every country you will have language lessons in the language from that country, so you will learn one more language and this is a good thing.

You will have for free 2 months of language lessons, but after those 2 months you can continue because it is not so expensive.

3. The insurance

In all EVS projects you will have insurance all time of contract.

If God forbid, something happens and you will be ill you don’t have to worry about money because you have insurance, but I hope you will not need it because we must be healthy and happy not ill.

4. Friends

In every EVS project all evs volunteer will have also the opportunity to make friends in that country. Any kind of friends: neighbors friends, cities friends, work friends, depends on what you want and what you feel.

5. The mentor

At the beginning I thought that the mentor is not important and that you must be on your own but it is not like that.

The mentor and also the coordinator are very important.

The mentor is one person who has nothing to do with your organization (one neutral person) who know something about EVS volunteer (I am lucky because in my case the mentor know more things because she was also an EVS project, and I am sure you will think that I am also lucky because my mentor is “a she”,  “a beautiful she”  hahaha).

The mentor can understand you and support you and give you good advices. Is in this kind of projects to help you whenever you have some problems (serious problems) and to listen to you because he or she is the only person who know what advices to give you all the time and also the person who will be your friend all this time.

6. The coordinator

The coordinator is the person that is responsible for you.

For example when you go with your school in a trip it will be always a teacher responsible of all the children, and if one of that children do something good or wrong or something happens to him the first person that are responsible is the teacher. In EVS project is the coordinator.

The coordinator is responsible if you do something good or wrong, the coordinator is the one who make the schedule for the EVS volunteer and he or she must be the boss but in the same time the most closer friend.

7. The flat & food money

Every EVS volunteer has the flat (accommodation) assured with all the maintenance costs.

So the flat is free, you don’t have to worry about this.

The food money:  In every organization is different, for example in Czech Republic (at my organization) is 35 euro per week, but any way if in another organization is another sum it is also around 35 euro per week (maybe more or less 2-3 euro).

8. People from the organization

It is important for you to know all the people from organization (or almost all if the organization is big) and to be friends with them because you will be a volunteer and you have to go with pleasure there. In my country and I think in many other countries people don’t go with pleasure at their work. In EVS project it is something that you do because you like, it is something that you do with pleasure, and you have to be open for friends because they will also be open and very friendly.

I am very lucky from this point of view because people from Labyrint (here in Kladno where I am EVS volunteer) are sugar people.They are very friendly and they make me smile and feel comfortable all the time and because of them I really don’t miss anything from my home. So if someone from Labyrint read this article of mine I write here for you: Thank you!!!

9. The time for work

The time for work is 35 hours per week (7 hours per day).

You will have 2 days free per week and 2 days free per month.

The coordinator is the one who make your schedule and it is different from one organization the another the time (it can be for example in one day 2 hours, in one day 7) but for sure maxim is 7 and maxim per week is 35.

10. The tasks

The coordinator will give you all the time some tasks because when you will receive your schedule you will have in your schedule also your tasks and your place where you will be in that day.

If you have or know another important thing you can write here at comment !!!


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