On-arrival Nebocady

From 24.9 to 29.9 I was at On-arrival for EVS volunteers in another city (Děčin).

At the begining I didn´t know what is this On-arrival Training Course, to be honest I went there thinking that I will save some money, hahaha!!!

But after I arrived I saw that it wasn´t a bad idea by going there, and I was surprised in a pleasant way that it wasn´t just money my gain and that I made friends too, a lots of friends from many country, I learn many new things about EVS and the Czech Republic with all traditions and habits, and the most important thing is that with the help of all this course I manage to find the real reason that I am in an EVS and the real plan of my future.

I like to make plans, I adore that, but before this course I didn´t know what to plan because I was in a new place and my thoughts, my way for me, wasn´t very clearly.

A video with many many colours because that many colours represent the people from video, people that have many things to offer, people that are full of colours inside, people that everyone should apreciated and loved by all of us !!!

Among all other activities they told us to put on a paper 3 things that we would do from the first day when we would be back in our towns and I think this was a great idea because it was a start from all of us to get out from our confort zone and to start doing something better for us and for our organizations.

So if you will choose an EVS project, you have to know that at the On-arrival you will manage to find your way in EVS and in life and also to find more friends and to have fun !


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