Traffic ground

Traffic ground is one of the action that I take part in Labyrint.

It is about how to ride with a bike on the street where are every sign of circulation.

My personal opinion about this action is that the idea is great and that in every country must be a course like this because the signs of circulation are international signs and children must learn them.

I will show you a video and some pictures but if you are in Kladno or near Kladno you must come and see and send your children to this kind of courses because I think the signs of circulation must be learned from young age not from driving school (not after 18).

Traffic ground video

Traffic ground pictures


2 thoughts on “Traffic ground

  1. Hi. It is great idea. I am not in Kladno or near Kladno. I am from Armenia. It would be great to partisipate in this courses. Can i partisipate? My country have the same problem.

  2. If you are not here in Kladno or near Kladno you can’t participate but if you said your country have the same problem I suggest you should do this in your country πŸ™‚
    Find an NGO organization if you don’t have one and suggest this idea to them and be the coordinator of this πŸ™‚
    You will see that it would be great !!!
    Good luck! and thank you for visit my blog !!!

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